If you were out shopping those Labor Day sales in Mankato on Sunday, you may have noticed a very large police presence. There was a report of a bomb threat with vague details around 2 pm, which led to Mankato Public Safety,  Mankato Fire and Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Deputies, performing a security sweep. There were no injuries, no arrests, and nothing dangerous found. The movie theater did close temporarily.

This follows on the heels of the deadly mass shooting in Midland/Odessa, TX, that happened only on Saturday, which has left over 20 people injured and 7 dead.

Thankfully, the threat about the River Hills Mall was nothing more than just that, a threat with vague details. Public Safety Officials, along with help from the Mankato Fire Department and the Blue Earth Sheriff's Department responded, did their security sweeps, and nobody was injured, or worse.

**Editorial Comment** My heart just hurts for those who have been injured or those who have lost family members and/or friends in any of the mass shootings in recent months and years. I am so grateful that this time was just a "threat" and no injuries or deaths happened, while at the same time know that it was a very serious situation and that these threats should never happen. I am also very thankful that our members of public safety treat any threat as serious and take the precautions needed to make sure that the public stays safe, while they, themselves, are in harm's way.

Source: KEYC.com


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