Last week we shared a unique Minnesota love story. A handwritten love letter was found in a snowbank in Byron after a massive blizzard hit our area. Today, I'm back to share the happy ending - the owners have been found, sort of.

Love letter found in snow byron minnesota diane

This story makes me think of the Notebook. Sadly, the owners are no longer with us, but their love for each other lives on through these letters. They had been writing love letters to each other for a number of years. The family was at the couple's home, going through their stuff when they discovered these beautiful letters. They were in the process of moving them out for safekeeping when some of the letters got away from them. One of the letters made its way to a nearby neighbor's yard.

Todd, the man that found the letter, went above and beyond to find who it belonged to, feeling it was important to someone. How cool is it that with the power of social media and word of mouth, the owners were found? Todd shared the exciting news on his Facebook page:

The Love Letter has made its way back to its rightful owner tonight! Thank you to everyone who shared the story to make it happen!


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