Maybe a haunted road trip?

Every state seems to have their far share of haunted houses. And no, were not talking Halloween. I am talking the real deals. If you have ever wanted to take a road trip just to be scared, this is for you.

The website put together a trip that takes you to some of the most haunted places in Minnesota. If your up for it, here is the trip.

Here is a link to google maps. So you can see where the trip takes you.

Just a few of the stops the road trip takes you to.

Grey Cloud Island

The Mantorville Opera House---If you want to start here, it is close to home.

And The Old Lake Julia Sanitorium

Those are just a few of the stops you can make. If you are considering making the haunted trip, check out They also have a link to Google Maps.

Who said you can't have Halloween all year long.