Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase reports that two arrests have been made concerning the theft of a motor vehicle from a residence on Graceful Road in Lanesboro.  Information concerning details leading up to and following the arrest can be found in Sheriff Kaase's news release below.

"On Saturday evening, at approximately 10:05 PM, the Fillmore County Emergency Dispatch 911 Center received a call from the Old Barn Resort. A grandmother was reporting that her 25 year old granddaughter and the granddaughter’s 30 year old male friend were overdue from tubing on the Root River. The two had borrowed a tube and left about 6:30 PM. Sgt. Don Kullot began coordinating a search. Fillmore County Deputies, Preston/Lanesboro Police Officer, DNR Officer, and Lanesboro Fire all assisted in the search of the missing tubers. Lanesboro Fire was on the river with a boat conducting a search. DNR Officer Mitch Boyum and Preston Officer Blaise Sass also searched by boat on the river.   The search was not turning up the overdue tubers. At approximately 1:00 AM Sunday morning, while still continuing the search, members of the Lanesboro Fire Department noticed an open garage on Graceful Road. A vehicle was found open, and appeared to have been gone through. Deputy Leif Erickson arrived on scene and in the course of his investigation, found that a 2014 Chevy Equinox had been stolen. At approximately 6:07 AM Sgt. Kullot observed a vehicle traveling on Huron Road that he recognized as the one reported to have been being driven by the missing tubers. Sgt. Kullot made a traffic stop of the vehicle and found it occupied by the missing tubers. As the investigation unfolded, it was found that the two missing tubers were involved in the theft of the stolen vehicle from Graceful Road. The two were placed under arrest for the motor vehicle theft. Arrested were 25 year old Jessi Kominek of Austin and 30 year old Joshua Vlasaty of Minneapolis. Both have appeared in Fillmore County District Court. Kominek has been released on her own recognizance, ROR’d and Vlasaty continues to be held with the ability to be released on bail. “I would personally like to thank the DNR, Preston/Lanesboro Police, and Lanesboro Fire in their assistance. I would also like to thank the Lanesboro Fire Department members for their keen observations which ultimately let us resolve the missing tubers situation and led us to solving a motor vehicle theft”.   Thank you and have a great day everyone.   Sheriff Tom Kaase