With the powerball jackpot at about $153 million dollars, it got me thinking.....

Its hard to imagine spending millions of dollars on stuff, Right. But if you had it, how would you spend it? Should you be lucky and strike it rich, would you save it, or blow it on usless items. Me, it wouldn't last to long.

But lets say you want to spend just a small portion of it, say $25 Million, what could it buy you? Agilone.com made a list of 25 items you can buy for $25 million dollars, and some of them would actually be pretty awesome. So enjoy this list.

You could by the Magna Carta. Yes, the Magna Carta. It sold at an auction in 2007 for a little over $21 Million.

You can buy yourself not one, but 2 blimps. About $5 Million per blimp and another 5 for a hanger. How could you go wrong with 2.

25 parking spots in Manhattan. That means to park, its a Million Bucks. You won't have to worry about door dents then.

For the Tea drinkers, 1,700 Diamond covered tea bags. Nothing says fancy like your Earl Grey in at $14,000 tea bag.

If water is your thing, how about a yacht, with car parking. When you get fed up with your boat, just go downstairs to your garage and hop in your car.

And to end my list, you can buy 24 bottles of Vodka. Not ordinary vodka, Russo-Baltique Vodka. I can't say what it is, but its $1.3 Million a Bottle.

So there you go, spend you money wisely. Or spend it foolishly. Either way, you will have fun. Check out agilone.com to see the entire list of the 25 items you can buy for 25 Million Dollars.