Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Two dogs that ran off from a Rochester home Monday were later found killing several goats at a rural property near Century High School.

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Scott Behrns says the two St Bernards were able to get out of a fenced yard in the 100 block of 17th St NE. They eventually made their way to the rural property in the 3800 block of Darcy Dr. NE and were able to get inside a fenced-in pen and began attacking the goats.

A man who works at the property arrived around 6:30 PM and witnessed the killing. He went to get a gun and returned to find the dogs still there. Behrns says the man shot both of the dogs. One was killed and the other one was hit but ran off.

Deputies were able to locate the dog and its owner. Behrns says she told the deputies she was going to have the dog treated for its injuries and then give it up out of concern for her children’s safety.

Behrns says the dogs killed a total of 11 goats. They also attacked an alpaca and its injuries were so severe, it had to be put down. The property where the incident took place is owned by David Bakken.

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