How many times have we seen a player smoke a foul ball into the stands? How about a bat come flying into the stands out of nowhere? Too many.

This is especially relevant to the Twins, because Target Fields seats in the lower level are about as close to the playing field as you get. To be somewhat proactive, the Twins and Target Field will extend the protective netting past the dugouts, past 1st and 3rd base and even a short way down the outfield foul lines according to the Star Tribune.

After a foul ball hit a two-year old was struck in the face with a foul ball at a Yankees-Twins game in New York, many players were advocating teams and ballparks to extend the protective netting. The Twins are doing just that.

This is great for the fans because they will be safe. Is it going to take away some of the game? Yes, but is it worth people getting hurt? Nope. This is a great move for the Twins. The squad will even be raising the 7-foot high net to 9-feet this off season, which makes it even safer.

It is great to see the hometown team take some action to make it safer for fans to enjoy baseball.

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