Socks have fallen off the list completely, with people actually enjoying getting them as a gift. I know it's hard to keep up, but this will help. 


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    A Handmade-Gift Like Jam

    I love DIY personally, and if you make something really cool that goes with my decor, I'm in! If it's a food I love, and you made it yourself, I'm all for it. Wine? If you make wine, we need to be friends! ;)

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    A Workout DVD

    Tread lightly here my friend. If you're a dude giving that DVD to your woman, make sure it's something she asked for... I have friends that would love workout DVD's, especially the spendy programs. Just make sure it doesn't offend them if you're thinking of buying a workout DVD.

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    An Autobiography of Someone I Don't Like

    This is just hilarious. Do some research before buying something like this. It could be a really awesome gift if you do it right.

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    Second-Hand Clothes

    Yeah you can get more bang for your buck at a thrift shop, but let me decide what used clothes I want to wear. If there is a trendy thrift shop they are digging, just get a gift card.

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    A Pair of Slippers

    And topping the list this year for the most hated gifts - slippers! I can see that. It's kind of thoughtless. I've been guilty of gifting slippers, and I've also received slippers. Just don't!

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