It was't expected until later in the day, but the Twins selected SS/OF Royce Lewis with the first overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. Many people thought it was going to be Hunter Greene, Kyle Wright or Brenden McKay, but the Twins went a completely different route and selected what many people call the best athlete in the draft.

Lewis is from California, and the rumors of him making the leap to first overall pick came later in the day on Monday, the night he was drafted. So, why did the Twins take Lewis?

Lewis projects as a middle infielder or center fielder, which is interesting because they have Byron Buxton, Jorge Polanco and Brian Dozier, who are all every day players for the Twins. Two are young prospects and the other is one of the Twins best players.

What is also interesting is how good of an athlete Lewis is. All of the reports say he is incredible athlete, and can play many different positions.

I am not sure how the Twins past up on a talent like Hunter Greene, who tops out at 102 mph, but they must know something that I don't. This comparison might be enough for me to be on board with the pick.

Yeah, I'd take a Derek Jeter.

It was also noted that the Twins made an offer to Brenden McKay, but McKay refused and ended up getting drafted fourth overall by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Here is what the Twins VP Mike Radcliff said about Lewis.

The last time the Twins drafted with the first overall pick, they selected hometown guy Joe Mauer. That picked worked out alright. Let's hope they did it again!

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