The Minnesota Twins have had an incredibly disappointing season, and today was just more proof of it.

The Twins started the year with high hopes of winning a third straight AL Central title. Instead, they find themselves at the bottom of the standings just two days before the trade deadline in late July.

Wednesday's loss to the Detroit Tigers was just more proof of it.

Oakland Athletics v Minnesota Twins
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The Twins trailed 10-0 in the fourth inning, again done in by bad pitching. However, the Twins rebounded. Miguel Sano homered, Ryan Jeffers hit a grand slam, and then Sano singled in another run to make it 10-6. Okay, so the Twins were in it.

Well, the Tigers plated three more in the sixth to make it 13-6. The Twins bounced back with FOUR homers in the eighth inning....only to trail 13-12.

In a one run-game going to the 9th, the Tigers scored four more to make it 17-12, and then Jorge Polanco made it somewhat interesting with a two-run blast in the bottom half of the inning to make the final score 17-14.

So what was the major league first? Surely there have been weird, high-scoring games before, right?

Well, the Twins hit 7 home runs, and the Tigers hit 0.

Yes, the Twins out-homered the Tigers by 7 and LOST. That is the first time in MLB history that a team out-homered their opponent by 7 and still lost the game, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

It was just one more way that the Twins have shown that in 2021, they can lose about any way possible.

The Twins are off Thursday and then head to St. Louis this weekend for a three-game set with the Cardinals.

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