Trevor May has been one of the Twins better relief pitchers the past couple of season. I say one of the better, because frankly, the Twins bullpen hasn't been very good in recent years.

Regardless of all of that, May is one of the most entertaining players on the team. He is very 'out-there', nerdy and overall just pretty hilarious.

Recently, the Twins have been posting these videos of May interviewing other Twins players in a segment they like to call 'Asking the Tough Questions'

May is great on the mic, and does a great job of making other players feel awkward, and putting on a show for a few minutes. You can check out the videos, HERE, on the Twins Facebook page.

May interviewed the likes of Torii Hunter, LaTroy Hawkins, Brian Dozier and even himself. I am not sure who comes up with the questions, but some of them are just out there.

"Explain the color red to someone that is blind." Yeah, that really is a tough question. If you are looking for a laugh, I strongly encourage that you check it out!

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