To set the record straight, I didn't have access to all of the cookies. With family involved in selling Girl Scout cookies in different regions, I was the "mule." Now knowing that there are two different bakers of Girl Scout cookies, I can maybe explain and clear my name.

Ben Aberg / TSM Rochester
Ben Aberg / TSM Rochester

So Ilene believed I received a big box full of packages Lemonades cookies all for myself without sharing. Let it be known that I only received one package; the rest were involved in a trade to family from Iowa. So those cookies went down south, and then I had another trade to make. Other cookies came from Iowa to come up across the border. This complication just made me hungrier so I did order a number of other boxes-I have three (now more like two) boxes of Thin Mints left.

I got through a couple boxes of other cookies on my Saturday afternoon and Sunday off...but Ilene got a box as well. Let me know if you want some cookies some time! I won't eat them all!

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