Wabasha, Red Wing and Chatfield are three towns in Southeast Minnesota that don't really get a ton of credit for being waterfront locations, but that doesn't mean they aren't fantastic.

You usually hear the likes of Lanesboro or Lake City in this area, but these towns have plenty to offer according to Only In Your State.

If you are looking for a day-trip, these locations are fantastic.

Here is what the site had to say about Chatfield:

"Chatfield is a small town, but it sure is pretty. The downtown area is lovely, with many local businesses housed in historic buildings. The north branch of the popular Root River flows through town, making it a great spot for outdoor recreation." - Not a bad explanation. Chatfield is for sure a day-trip destination.

For Wabasha:

"As one of the oldest towns in Minnesota, Wabasha is an interesting place to visit for its history alone. The town's location on the western banks of the Mississippi River is even more reason to visit. With a paved path along the river that provides excellent views, a trip to Wabasha would make a great summer day trip." - Also, Grumpy Old Men, That is actually reason number 1 to visit Wabasha. Seriously. Also, the view ain't bad.

For Red Wing:

"Here is another river town that is full of beauty. With the Mississippi River running through it, many choose to enjoy town from along its banks. But if you want to experience its full beauty, see it from above. The view from Barn Bluff offers incredible views of Red Wing, the river, and Wisconsin beyond." - Check out the photo HERE. It is seriously gorgeous.

What towns do you want to take a day-trip too? There are plenty in Minnesota with some beautiful scenery and some incredible history.

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