As we begin to work our way into the winter months in Minnesota, birds begin their migration to the south (And who can blame them?!).

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Now The National Weather Service has picked up birds migration activity on the doppler radar.

You can see the bird's movement yourself on the tweet above. These are known as "Roost Rings"

According to the National Weather Service, leading up to fall migration a number of bird species are known to gather at large communal roosting sites which are often detected by the NWS Doppler radar. These are typically observed mid to late summer.

"By late August or early September, the birds begin their migration south, and then the roosting activity of other bird species nears its peak."

The doughnut patter of these rings actually is a result of the birds departing their roosting sites in various directors. As they travel farther from their roosting sites and reach higher altitudes in lower densities, the birds show up on radar as expanding, fading rings until they either fly above or below the radar beam and are no longer detected.

You can learn more about the Roost Rings from the National Weather Service here.

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