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Once again, the Mall of America has been chosen to reside on a very select list. Bloomington, Minnesota, really, but Bloomington landed on this lauded list because of the Mall of America.

And honestly, I don't understand it.

The Big Mall Is A Problem for...Someone?

Credit: Mall of America Facebook Page
Credit: Mall of America Facebook Page

Back in May, MindYourDollars.com published, "The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States".

It includes cities like New Haven, Connecticut (Yale) Cleveland, Ohio (for crime, unemployment, and "unpredictable and brutally frigid winters"), and Mitchell, South Dakota.

Let's pause on the Mitchel, South Dakota one for a second. The reason Mitchel is a place not worth visiting is...The Corn Palace.

Behold, The Corn Palace! Yes, if you visit Mitchell, South Dakota, you can find the “world’s only corn palace.” Because that’s something people are just clamoring for after they take the time to visit the Devil’s Rope Museum in Texas.

OK, that's kinda funny. Who doesn't like to talk trash about one of our neighbors (I'm looking at you, Iowa!) Oh, and there really is a Devil's Rope Museum. It's in McLean, Texas. It's all about Barbed Wire. Hats, cuts, the whole shebang.

Wooden post and barbed wire with prairie and blue skies in the background.

And that brings us to Bloomington, Minnesota, and the Mall of America

"The Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States, but the truth is that most of the stores can be found in just about any other mall.

They do have a huge indoor park, but if you’re a parent, that just means your kid is going to escape for hours, ignoring you when you repeatedly tell them it’s time to leave and not being able to reach them."

Aside from people that hate malls specifically...that's it? That's the problem with  Bloomington? Other cities get knocked for crime, unemployment, or looking run down. We get, Don't Visit Bloomington Because Big Mall.

Lots of people love shopping, they love shopping there, and their kids love Nickelodeon Universe. I don't think an arborist would visit Bloomington and be surprised that the Mall of America isn't a giant memorial to trees. People go there to shop. That's right in the Mall of America's wheelhouse.

Mall of America
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