This might as good a week as any to catch a game up at the new stadium, and I'll tell you why!

San Diego Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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As Week 3 of the NFL season gets underway, TickPick has released the ticket prices for each game this coming weekend, and it looks like our home-team is offering up some of the cheapest in the league.

The Vikings are hosting Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and tickets to see the game at U.S. Bank Stadium are the 6th cheapest of the week at $145 dollars a piece.

Now, you're probably thinking that's not "cheap"... however, it's almost $140 dollars cheaper than their week 2 game against the Steelers, so there's that.

This might be the steal of the week, and the steal of this young season to see a good match-up in a brand new arena.

A few factors may play into the fact they're cheaper than normal: Such as starting quarterback Sam Bradford's health (still questionable with a knee injury), or perhaps Tampa Bay isn't as attractive of an opponent as say the hated Packers, or even the Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

Whatever the case may be, having just been there two weeks ago for the first time myself, I can say without a doubt that you've got to experience this place for yourself!

It's loud, the crowd and atmosphere is electric as all hell and no matter the outcome, you're bound to have a great time.

So maybe think it over a minute and bring it up to your spouse before all the tickets are sold out!

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