Are you ready to take on the Mega Fox Challenge?

I'm a huge fan of the show Man vs Food and all the eating competition's Adam Richmond has taken on over the years. And this one I'm about to share with you could certainly rank up there with the Carnivore Challenge from a few years ago...

According to Southern Minnesota News, there's a joint near my home town called Fox’s Pizza Den in Madelia, Minnesota where they give their customers the opportunity to take on their 30-inch, ten pound, one-topping Mega Fox Pizza.

The challenge is to eat the pizza in an hour or less. However, you can ask a friend for some help! I mean, just look at this bad boy...

Credit: SMN John Mickelson

Many have tried and failed to complete the challenge, but for the first time in 17 tries, a couple finally defeated the beast this past week! Incredible.

Credit: SMN John Mickelson

Outside of some bragging rights, I don't know if it's worth feeling like crap for two days afterwards...

But should you be feeling adventurous and want to give this thing a try, just know that should you fail, the pizza costs $40 plus tax. You do get free drinks during the contest and some free mugs also.

Should you actually conquer it, the pizza does come free, along with those free mugs  as well and also some t-shirts, plus your picture on the wall of fame. GOOD LUCK!