And, no, it's not the Vikings completely falling apart and missing the playoff's again this year.


Seriously, though, just in time for Halloween, a new survey from the gang over at EightSleep, a mattress company, has compiled the most common nightmares that occur in each state.

So, can you guess what our worst nightmare is here in Minnesota? (And again, it has nothing to do with the Vikings imploding.) It's actually getting fired. Yeah, that's something that'll keep you up at night, even if it's not as gruesome as some other states' nightmares.

Meanwhile, over in my home state of Wisconsin, one might guess that the most common nightmare might be running out of beer (the horror!), but according to this survey, it's politics. (Yeah, THAT'S a nightmare, all right.)

Down in Iowa, though, the most common nightmare is being attacked. And in the Dakotas, it's either getting murdered (North Dakota) or having your teeth fall out (looking at you, South Dakota.)

So just how did they come up with these findings? Well, it's a bit suspect, but it goes something like this:  "It surveyed 1,000 users about their nightmares, and created this map from that data. Supposedly. It’s unclear if that means 1,000 users spread proportionally or evenly across each state, or 1,000 users total. Also, are these “users” actually customers of the mattress company or randos? It’s not clear," the story notes.

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