We knew some less than stellar photos would happen, but some of them actually turned out beautifully! Take a look at the good, the bad, and the blinding from the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Rochester.

I'll admit it; I was expecting more darkness. Were you expecting more too?

This was first solar eclipse we saw in 38 years. The crazy thing about this, is most of us never even saw the last one. This website explains, "Unfortunately, not many people saw it because it clipped just five states in the Northwest and the weather for the most part was bleak. Before that one, you have to go back to March 7, 1970."

Got any friends in Oregon or Nashville that took amazing photos? There's a reason for that too. The website Astronomy.com explains, "If you want to be the first person to experience totality in the continental U.S., be on the waterfront at Government Point, Oregon, at 10:15:56.5 a.m. PDT. There, the total phase lasts 1 minute, 58.5 seconds." Nashville is mentioned because it's the largest city with the best view.

If you missed this eclipse, mark your calendar for April 8, 2024. That's when the next one rolls through!

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