When I named my dog, Khuno, it took me several weeks. I Googled cool names, I asked friends, made my family vote on their favorites, until I finally landed on the amazing name, Khuno - God of snowstorms. I totally understand the process, and that's why I appreciate this list SO much. Halloween lovers, behold, the top Halloween inspired pet names:

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Ghost
  3. Spooky
  4. Chucky
  5. Hannibal
  6. Frankenstein
  7. Goblin​

Not the most unique names, but fun nonetheless. The list was put together by Trupanion, medical insurance for the life of your pet.

Dust off your broomstick, gather your goblins, it's time for the 2019 Rochester Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win $5,000 cash + $500 in other prizes! Download our mobile app and tap the 'Halloween Hunt' button with the pumpkin icon on the home screen and join the hunt!


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