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Gas prices have been through the roof for a while now, but there's at least one place in Rochester where the price has finally dropped below $4 a gallon!

Saying the price of gasoline is high right now is a bit redundant, seeing as it's been insanely expensive for several months already. But one gas station here in Minnesota's Med City is currently selling a gallon of unleaded gasoline for a price we haven't seen in months.

According to AAA-Minnesota, the statewide average for a gallon of unleaded right now (Friday, July 29) is $4.19. That's better than the national average of $4.25, is 12 cents lower than the price we were paying a week ago, and is 45 cents cheaper than the price was at the end of June. And while gas prices HAVE been falling, it's still $1.25 higher than the price we were paying in July of 2021.

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But one gas station in Rochester has broken through the $4 a gallon level, and is currently (as of Friday, July 29) selling a gallon of unleaded for... $3.99 a gallon! (I guess it goes to show how HIGH prices have been lately that $3.99 seems 'cheap.')

So where is it? You'll find that bargain price at the Sinclair gas station, on 6th Street Southwest here in Rochester. GasBuddy also reports that a gallon of unleaded is selling for even cheaper right now at Costco in Rochester, where it's currently $3.91-- but you need to be a Costco member in order to get that price.

Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston
The Sinclair station on 6th St SW in Rochester Friday, July 29, 2022. (Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston)

In case you're curious, it has been a while since we've seen a gallon of gasoline sell for a price that doesn't start with the number 4. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), you have to go back to May 9th, 2022 to find the last time gas was under $4 a gallon in Minnesota.

It was selling for $3.96 a gallon back then, on its way to a record-high price of $4.75 a gallon, which we set back on June 15th. Prices have been slowly falling, though, since around July 4th this year. Do you remember how cheap gas was just TWO years ago? It seems hard to believe, but the EIA says we were paying just $2.04 a gallon in July of 2020!

Speaking of cheap prices for gas, can you recall the price a gallon of unleaded was selling for when you first started driving? Keep scrolling to take a trip down memory lane to see what gas cost the year you got your driver's license!

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