So many times fans have been disappointed. So many times the Vikings have came so close, but have fallen just short. This time was different. This time memories were made for every Vikings fan out there, and I was lucky enough to be there.

It started out as a cold winter day in Minneapolis, and ended with the most improbable thing happening.

The Vikings were absolutely dominating the Saints. The feeling in the stadium was a no doubt victory. Then, the second half happened and it seemed all too familiar. I felt emotions that I have never felt before. 66,000 people yelling and screaming their heads off, and then 66,000 people dead silent as Drew Brees marched up and down on our elite defense.

It couldn't happen again. Not this time.

Then, Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs happened.

I honestly don't remember Keenum throwing the ball, our Diggs even beginning his jump. All I remember is thinking "GET OUT OF BOUNDS" once he caught the ball. Yet, that would have been the worst possible thing to do at the moment. Diggs marched his way into the endzone, the exact endzone I was sitting in, and the place went bonkers.

I thought it was loud pregame. I thought it was loud when Kai Forbath took the lead at 23-21 with a minute and a half left. Yet, when Diggs scored that touchdown. The roof exploded and everything went numb.

66,0000 fans jumping, hugging, embracing and cheering for their favorite squad. There is nothing like it.

I was with one of my friends and we watch the game in amazement. We were pumped, we were excited, we were scared, we were upset, we were confused, and then we entered this euphoric state. In that order.

I'm pretty sure the stadium was actually shaking as people were jumping up and down. A guy four rows in front of us jumped all the way to our row to embrace in the feeling of "We finally did it!"

There is something about this team. They didn't do what every Minnesota teams has done to us for 50 years. No. This time they succeeded and gave us that legendary play that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. Even better this time, we came out on the good side.

It might go down as the greatest thing I have ever seen. It might have been the happiest I have ever been when it comes to the world of sports. What I do know is that to see 66,000 people come together as Diggs threw his helmet and Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" blared throughout U.S Bank Stadium, was a dream come true.

I hate to say this is a team of destiny, but at the moment, can you deny it?

There is only two more things left to say. Skol and Bring It Home!

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