The Gibsons: mom Sally, daughter Samantha, son Mitch. Dad Scott works out of town; ask him about his children and he glows with a father's pride.  I've had the pleasure of knowing this family for many years.  I've watched Sam and Mitch grow into beautiful adults.  They both worked right here at KFIL briefly a couple of years back.  I've also watched this family take part in several plays produced by Wit's End Theatre in Chatfield with Sam and Mitch acting, Sally behind the scenes.  I did a very informal interview with the Gibsons and here's what I learned.

Photo:Brenda Smith, Chatfield

Sally is a very busy, very talented hair stylist, owner of Sally's Hair to Dye For in Preston.  I asked Sally what her life is like being "stage mom" to her two very talented children.  "Very fun".  She adds "I wish I didn't have to work so I could be more involved with their endeavors".  Sam chimes in "She does so much.  She is more help than she realizes".

Sam and Mitch's grandmother, Sally's mom, recently passed away.  Her memorial made mention of her creativity and talents.  I asked how much of their talent and love of the theatre and the arts they credit to their grandmother.  Mitch:  "Drawing was a huge influence on me. Both her and grandpa. So much so that I'm going to school for it."  "Nana was always very artistic", replies Sam.  "I wish I had inherited more of the drawing skills.  As far as theatre and music, she was always very supportive and came to all of our events".  So beautiful.

Last year I attended Wit's End Theatre production of "Cinderella".  It was nothing short of amazing.  I posed the question as to what it was like working together on the play; Sally behind the scenes doing hair, costumes and make-up, Mitch acting, and Sam acting/directing.  Mitch: "It was fun having us all together".  "That show was a huge undertaking for me", states Sam, "I did a lot.  But Mitch and Mom were so helpful.  Mom did a lot of design work for me and Mitch helped with painting.  And of course Mom did an amazing job with hair.  They were my rock of that production.  It was one of my proudest moments."  I add that I was very proud of Sam and Mitch, too!  Mom Sally adds "Inspirational.  It gave me chills every night".  Oh, me too, Sally,  especially when Cinderella's coach came on stage!

Did you know that Sam traveled to Chicago last year to audition for "The Voice"?  I asked if she has considered going back to try again.  "I've thought about it a lot, but it hasn't fit my schedule.  I keep myself very busy and I'm very creatively happy right now.  But someday!"  When you do make it, Sam, I'll be proud to say I knew you when!  Does Mitch have any interest in pursuing a career on Broadway or auditioning for "The Voice"?  "Honestly, not right now", he replied.  "I'm happy with where I'm at.  Not saying it wouldn't be great, but I'm not actively pursuing it."  Sister Sam proudly comments "he's become pretty recognizable in the Rochester theatre community.  He's doing well!"

I closed by asking what's in store for Sam and Mitch.  Sam "Little Mermaid"!  I'll be co-directing it this summer with Wit's End.  I'm very excited!"  And Mitch "One more semester at RCTC studying AFA Art and I'm working at Olive Garden.  And auditioning  for "Little Mermaid", of course!"  Can't wait to see that production during Chatfield's Western Days!

There you have it.  A little bit of an "inside scoop" into the life of The Gibsons, three very talented, fun and delightful people who I'm very happy to know!  Thank you so much, Sally, Mitch and Sam, for taking time to answer my questions.  It was my pleasure!