America's birthday means American beauties wearing red, white and ... cowboy boots? Whether they were celebrating or working on the Fourth of July, country's top females were at the height of American fashion.

Taylor Swift's star-studded holiday celebration included a wonderful pinup style bathing suit (move over, Bettie Page!). Despite the conservative nature of her water gear, the songbird looked both sassy and sexy. And she looked like she was having more fun than anyone has ever had in Rhode Island -- like, ever.

This week's Fashion Diva showed England that an American country girl can still have style while celebrating her freedom overseas. It wasn't enough to have one bangin' outfit -- this girl stripped off the skirt to reveal another new look. She's like a country superhero!

Our Fashion Diva followed her arrow to the top spot, giving one pop princess a case of fashion envy along the way. See the week’s best dressed in this edition of Taste of Style.

Carrie Underwood

Clayton Chase, Getty Images

Oh, my ... those thighs! Surely we have the rising temps to thank for a peek at Carrie Underwood's toned legs, but we'll take it (and we'll put down the cheeseburger now, too). This 'Good Girl' spent her Independence Day belting a few beats at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Utah. She could have been mistaken for a coed on the Brigham Young University stadium stage.

Underwood showed her patriotism in a red ruffly top under a cropped denim jacket, which she rolled up like a hard-working girl does. Her denim shorts encompassed every color in the American flag -- perfect for America's birthday. What outfit would be complete without Underwood's lean legs resting in a pair of brown leather cowboy boots? And let's be honest, no one can rock a headband quite like she can! They seem to belong above those long blonde locks, and this gold one is no exception.

The Fourth's fireworks were no comparison to Underwood's holiday style -- neither were the Stadium of Fire dancers or skydivers that preceded her performance. Maybe next time!

Taylor Swift

Leave it to T. Swift to have a holiday weekend full of fashion-forward celebs. Jamie King, Lena Dunham, Emma Stone and Ingrid Michaelson were just some of the pretty ladies in attendance at Swift's Rhode Island pad, and they all looked fab (but maybe we're a little prejudice for Ms. Swift)!

In between flirty floral dresses, lit sparklers and apple pie baking in the kitchen, Swift donned the world's most incredible pinup-worthy swimsuit over the weekend. In a pic with King, the singer is hugging an inflatable floatie in the Tomato and Cream suit with scallops along the bodice, courtesy of Topshop. Later, she's seen froclicking into the surf with her closest group of extremely famous friends.

Thanks, Swifty, for reminding us not all bathing suits have to be teeny to be sexy!

Sara Evans

Paul Morigi, Getty Images

Sara Evans looked every bit an American this July 4th while performing in D.C. at a Capitol Fourth. Her star-spangled blouse was perfect for the holiday with its blue background and white stars. Evans paired her patriotic top with a slim black pencil skirt and wide black belt. She couldn't forget red this Independence Day, so she painted her toes with a splash of color -- pairing that with a peep toe heel was the perfect combo!

This Week's Fashion Diva: Kacey Musgraves!

During a visit overseas, Musgraves created her own fashion spotlight ... literally! The country singer wasn't in the States for the Fourth of July (she was in Italy), but we'll forgive her for that and still give her this week's best dressed award, thanks to a pitstop in London. During a show at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire, Musgraves wore one hell of an outfit -- well, technically two.

For part of the show, the brunette beauty sported a knee-length skirt that would give even 'Grease' star Sandra Dee a run for her money. Under the skirt was a shimmery embellished corset and big accent necklace. In the Instagram photo above, she's seen wearing the outfit while shoeless, because hey, sometime's a girl's gotta be a little country, even in England!

Midway through the show, Musgraves ripped the skirt off, revealing leather mini shorties that matched her corset. It's similar to the look she rocked at the 2014 Grammys, but that sassy number now rests in the Grammy Museum. The best part wasn't the jewelry or the corset or even the perfect hot pants -- it was just a little below.

Musgraves brought back her light-up cowboy boots! She had her own mini light show on stage (backed by a few country boys wearing light-up jackets) when she brought back the same shoes she wore during a performance at the Grammys. The fancy footwear -- a creation of Toronto stylist Hayley Atkin -- even had Katy Perry drooling the first time she wore them. Pop star Perry tweeted, "I'm so happy @KaceyMusgraves is going on tour with me. I want a pair of my own light up boots!" And we don't blame her! They singlehandedly won her this week's Fashion Diva honors.