Brantley Gilbert imagines he won't be a country singer forever -- and he's got a plan for when he's done touring and needs to pass his free time.

The singer's friend Wayne Green, who recently retired, has given him some inspiration on how to spend his retirement days: deer farming. Gilbert reminisces about a hunting trip where the idea came about to WWGP.

"My tour manager Jeff asked Wayne, he says, ‘Wayne, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life now that you’ve retired and everything?’ and Wayne said, ‘Well Jeff, I’m gonna hunt and sell deer semen,'" the star explains.

Gilbert, an avid deer hunter, is excited about the possibility and knows it could help him continue to hunt.

"I wouldn’t wanna be a major player in it," he says the of the business venture, “but I found a place that’s, like, 275 acres, which is manageable. But, it’s already high-fenced and stuff. We’re gonna raise some big bucks and breed ‘em and that sorta thing. Pretty excited about that.”

Lucky for fans, it'll still be some time before Gilbert hangs up his guitar. Currently, he's out on the road for his Let it Ride Tour and he has a lot of dates to come. Full tour dates are listed on his website. His latest album, 'Just as I Am,' was released in May and has already produced its second hit, 'Small Town Throwdown' with Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett.

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