Did you get outside this weekend? For being February, it has been quite warm. So, after having a bit of a lazy afternoon, I decided to go on a walk around Mabel. There wasn't much snow in my yard or driveway anymore, so I looked to find a little bit somewhere else. Some places were clear out front, but behind there was snow. I went down to see some piles of snow at the Steam Engine Grounds, and saw the softball field was almost close to ready to play on.

On my walk, I heard a lot of Spring-like sounds. There were a lot of basketballs being dribbled outside and shooting at hoops that haven't been used on snow-covered driveways, I heard the birds, and saw a number of bicycles out and about in the weather.

I went down to the school to see the field (no, I didn't step on the playing surface, Coach), and the snow was off most of the field. It's almost time for spring sports, but we have plenty of winter sports these next few weeks on KFIL, too.

What did you do on this warm weather weekend?

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