If you remember, about a month ago I wrote a post about a "Can You Hear Me?" Scam in Minnesota. Well, that hit super close to home as they tried to get me this morning.

Scam Alert
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For those who don't remember, they are trying to get you to say "yes" into the phone so they can have it recorded. They then use your voice to add charges on to your phone bill. Those rascals.

It was all prerecorded, and the fella on that recording went by the name of Josh. He asked me "Hey, this is Josh your customer service rep. Can you hear me?"

Oh, Josh! (If that is even your real name!) You tried to be sneaky, but I was prepared!

I responded with "Customer service rep from where?" He answered with "Great!" That response doesn't make much sense now, does it? I have never felt so clever in my life. (That is a complete lie, I feel clever all the time.)

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I immediately hung up the phone! You never want people stealing your identity, for obvious reasons. The number was from Minneapolis, and it was a number that I have never seen before. In reality, I should not have answered it, but I did. Lucky for me I did not fall victim to this scam.

I reported it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), and got my number on the 'Do Not Call' list, which you can do HERE! I never thought it would happen to me, but it just did! Pretty weird stuff. It is important to tell the FTC so they can have as much information as possible to help identify the scammers.

Have you ever been contacted by a scam? Let us know!

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