Undated (KROC AM News) - Motorists who use Minnesota Highway 60 when driving between Zumbro Falls and Kenyon can now LEGALLY drive at 60 mph.

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation earlier increased the speed limit from 55 to 60 on the stretch of Highway 60 between Kenyon and Waterville.

The final eastern segment of the highway between  Zumbro Falls to Wabasha will remain at 55 mph. A large part of that segment includes several sharp curves.

MnDOT has been studying hundreds of miles of two lane highways in the state that had been posted for 55 mph limits since the 1970’s under federal law. A repeal of the law led to higher speeds on interstates and other four lane highways in Minnesota. In response to constituent complaints, the state legislature in 2014 ordered MnDOT to study two lane highways to see if the speed limit could safely be raised to 60 mph.

MnDOT also raised the limit on Highway 13 between Albert Lea and Waseca last year.

Others in southeast Minnesota that are expected to be changed this year are Highways 30 and 56.


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