We know that Southeast Minnesota is a bed of beauty, but when the entire state notices us, it is hard not to pound our chest a little bit.

The website, Only In Your State, made the statement that the best place for a weekend getaway is right in Southeast Minnesota.


Lanesboro is a well-known town across the state for its beauty, bike trails, rivers, camping and about everything in between. The town is known as the Bed and Breakfast capital of Minnesota and is loaded with shops, crafts, and restaurants.

People in our part of the state understand the brilliance of Lanesboro, but not everyone gets the chance to experience it. When the chance arrives to check it out, it is hard to give it away. So whenever someone tells you they haven't heard of Lanesboro, you show them this site, and you can share them in the brilliance of one of the many beautiful towns in Southeast Minnesota.

Not to forget, there are a ton of other great spots, too. Preston, Rushford, Spring Grove and every town in our state have their own little slice to share.

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