I love eating food off the grill. Burgers, brats, steaks and pork and about anything really. It taste phenomenal and I really can't think of another way to enjoy a solid lunch or dinner.

Now, I know grilling is usually reserved for summer, but even in some snowy conditions, it didn't stop my brother and I. We really don't care whether the sun is out, or snow is falling down we will grill up about anything.

Saturday afternoon, we decided to grill up some brats, had a couple adult beverages, and enjoyed a great grilling session in the snowing conditions. What made it even better, was that my brother's dog was enjoying her first big snowfall of the year.

She loved when we got a few inches earlier this month, and the more snow the better. It is pretty darn cute, and that is a real issue. She gets away with way too much. Lucky for us, we have a cover that always us to grill no matter the weather.

Even in the snow, we got the same experience as grilling, we just didn't dare to eat outside. We can't be the only ones to grill in the winter, right?

Check out some photos below!