Nestled on the Saint Mary's River is the city of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. They get over 100 inches of snow a year, so they understandably are ready for spring to arrive and melt the snow. To help Spring get the message, they do what any of us would do

They burn a snowman.

Lake Superior State University, with about 2,000 students, is as eager as all of us to see winter end, but since 1971, they've been doing something about it.

Snowman Burning 2021, from the LSSU Website:

Lake Superior State University holds its 50th annual Snowman Burning to welcome spring by banishing Old Man Winter March 19...Lake Superior State University burns a massive, paper snowman at high noon on the first day of Spring. Student Government barbecue hot dogs and serve them to the students and guests as part of the celebration. (Read more and see Snowman Burning videos here.)

The 2021 burn went off without a hitch...I can't find full video of this year's snowman burning, here's one from four years ago.



Where's this thing come from? From a German festival...

"In the festival, a parade passes through town to a central location, where the mayor makes a proposal to the town’s children. If the children are good, study, obey their parents and work hard, he will order the (straw) snowman to be burned, and spring will officially arrive. After the children yell their approval and make their promise, the snowman is burned." (Read more and see Snowman Burning videos here.)

There was one year without a burning snowman. 1992. The date which will live in burnfamy. The students of the Environmental Club complained about the toxins. They still did the event, just no burning snowman. The next year, the Snowman Burning returned.

Would you like to see a Snowman Burning in Rochester next spring?

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