Way back in the day, I used to work with a supervisor who seemed to take smoke breaks every 20 minutes. While I usually take a “live and let live” stance on most things, it was infuriating, because other coworkers and I would often be waiting on him to complete his assignments before we could start working on ours. So yeah, it got annoying. I’m pretty sure he spent half of his day smoking behind the building. He's probably smoking as you read this right now.

Lists Of Smoking Related Diseases Continues To Grow
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A marketing firm in Japan must agree, because it recently announced a new policy that would give six more vacation days to its non-smoking employees. That's because when you calculate the total amount of time each employee takes on a smoke break, it does add up. I'm personally a fan of this idea, but that's just me. (Note to my employer: I would also gladly accept 6 free pizzas a year for not smoking at work. Food for thought.)

So what do you think? Should Minnesota companies start rewarding employees who don’t take regular smoke breaks, or is this a type of employee discrimination? Would you quit smoking if that meant more vacation time? You tell me!

Source: KCCO

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