The major league baseball draft is an exciting time for some high school and college players.  A time to find out if the scouts they’ve been talking to are right or just being friendly.

For seven current and former Rochester Honkers players, the three day event was pretty sweet. Even if you don’t sign and never play professional ball, you can always say “I was drafted by the (insert team here) in 2017!

Former Honker Drew Ellis (Louisville) was the 44th overall pick early in the second round by the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Others chosen in later rounds included Mark Contreras (UC Riverside), Brac Warren (Oregon), Max Gamboa (Pepperdine), Scott Schreiber (Nebraska), Alex Fagalde (UC Riverside), and current player Connor Mayes (Texas) were also drafted this week.

Ellis played for the Honkers last year, as did Contreras who was a 9th round pick by the Twins!

In all, 180 current and former Northwoods League players were taken during the draft.

By the way, it's a good thing for fans of the Rochester Honkers that only one player was drafted.  The team is playing pretty well and it would be nice to see them stick around!

Next home game is this Saturday night.


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