The first ever scratch-and-sniff U.S. stamps will be introduced later this summer!

My only question is, "What took them so long?" Of course, that's easy for me to say when you consider the possibility of your kids playing with, and probably wasting dozens of stamps for the sake of a quick whiff... On second thought, never mind. Announced Monday, the "Frozen Treats Forever" series from the U.S. Postal Service will feature several illustrations of a popular summer treat, ice pops. The agency says the stamps will "add the sweet scent of summer" to letters.

Credit: United States Postal Service
Credit: United States Postal Service

The booklet of 20 stamps will feature watercolor illustrations by California artist Margaret Berg and will be revealed June 20th at a Children's museum in Austin, Texas. In fact, they're even broadcasting the event via Facebook Live, which you can watch on their page HERE.

Each of the 10 stamp designs includes two different popsicles, and the words "FOREVER" and "USA" will also appear along the bottom of each stamp.

The stamps can be pre-ordered at this link soon for delivery shortly after the June 20th issuance.

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