Saturday morning, I had the call of Mabel-Canton vs. Rushford-Peterson baseball on KFIL. I was up in the box having a grand old time, but once I wrapped up the postgame, I wanted to catch the B-teams. I got slightly sunburnt.

Beautiful Day for Baseball

I had not completely planned ahead for standing right out in the sun for a couple hours, but it was such a beautiful day out, and I found a perfect spot to stand and see all the action down the third base line. I even ran down a couple foul balls that were out of play (ask the folks there about my blazing speed). I had not yet fully unpacked my winter stuff from my car to replace it with my summer stuff (including sunscreen). Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic that I should have followed this weekend.

Wear Sunscreen and Reapply

 I did not do these things. This link from Mayo Clinic has more info, but that SPF should be over 15, and some recommend over 30.

Cover Up

They say you should cover up with a lightweight shirt with sleeves to protect the arms, but I did follow their directions by wearing jeans to protect the legs from sunburn. The KFIL polo I was wearing didn't protect all my arms, but if I had applied sunscreen, I may have just walked away with a better farmer's tan.

Avoid Sun Exposure from 10 am to 4 pm.

This one is a little harder to do. I could have stayed up in the box and protected myself, but once the B-teams were over, I went inside until the evening.

The final bit of advice on sunburn prevention is one I did follow, and you can read it HERE. Be safe in the sun this year!

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