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Sarah Kiehl and David were excited about getting outside to enjoy a day of hiking at Quarry Hill Park. They both work in Rochester's health-care world and the end of the week meant relaxation, escape...and the litter of a sex-reveal party.

Sarah Kiehl - used with permission

Just tootling along, minding their own business, keeping an eye on the sky because it looked like rain was coming, they looked around and the world in front of them was a sea of blue.

Sarah Kiehl - used with permission

Sex- reveal parties have become enormously popular all around the world. IF you're not familiar with them, generally, a baby is on the way, and the couple is eager to announce if it'll be a boy or a girl.

They get everyone together and announce it with a surprise reveal. Sometimes it's blue or pink balloons coming out of a box, other times, it's a big BANG and there's glitter, sequins, and colored plastic in the air, in your hair, and everyone cheers!


Then everyone helps clean up and they go home after profuse, but gentle, hugs and kisses and the excitement a baby-on-the-way deserves.

That's what happened that Saturday, only they left off the "everyone helps clean up" part. Sarah and David stopped, picked up as much as they could, and then had to skedaddle because the rain was a'comin.

I'm writing this story not to shame the people that didn't clean up the mess. Who knows what was going on, right? I'm writing this a story to thank Sarah, the Frazee, MN (home of the world's largest turkey), transplant, and David (Mayo High School grad!) for their selfless act.

Rochester has a wonderful park system, and it's good to know we have so many people willing to pitch in and keep the parks looking good. Plus, by cleaning up the mess, those two made sure the ducks wouldn't eat it by mistake.

The Ducks That Could Have Eaten the Blue Stuff (Sarah Kiehl - used with permission)

Remember back when people first started picking up trash when the garbage bins were removed from most of our parks? Rochester has pop-up volunteering happening all the time, and I'd love to hear more stories like this.

If you have a story to share, please, use the link below and let me know!

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And since no story about revealing the sex of your baby wouldn't be complete without a "reveal fails" video...(There's some swearing!)

Listen to James Rabe and Jessica Williams 6a to 10a on Y-105 FM's Early Morning Show.

Quarry Hill fact you may not know...

76 People Are Buried In The Cemetery Rochester Lost By Mistake

There is a cemetery in Rochester, Minnesota, called Rosemont. 76 people were buried at Rosemont, but unfortunately, it's been lost. No one knows where it is. Some have an idea, but no one has ever found it.

What Is Rosemont Cemetery

Minnesota Historical Society

Rosemont was the first cemetery for the Rochester State Hospital, Minnesota's second hospital "for the insane." Visit Quarry Hill and you're sure to have seen the second cemetery. On a sign there is says...

During its first year of operation a cemetery was laid out "at a distance of about 80 rods from the hospital building", Dr. Bowers wrote. "I selected a place on the north side of the railroad tracks in a beautifully shaded, quiet, and sequestered on high and dry ground with a warm southern exposure and hidden by trees." (CLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE SIGN)


2nd State Hospital Cemetery information sign. (James Rabe)

Also according to the sign, Simon Resch was the first person buried in the 'Rosemont Cemetery' on October 24, 1879 (just 10 months after the hospital opened). There would be 75 more buried there, 35 women and 40 men.

(James Rabe)

So What Is The Cemetery At Quarry Hill Then?

The site we now call the State Hospital Cemetery was additional land the hospital bought in 1885 (on the western slope of Quarry Hill). It is not lost, though it was in danger of being lost until citizens and businesses (and the state legislature) stepped in to make sure it was a permeant reminder of the people that passed while at the State Hospital.

But that is a story for another day...

State Hospital Dining Room (Minnesota Historical Society )


A plot map of the cemetery does still exist. The cemetery was laid out north-to-south (approximately 110 ft x 50 ft) in 4 rows of 22 burial plots. Men were buried in the two rows on the left/west side (I and II) while women were buried in two rows on the right/east side (III and IV), which is opposite of the layout of the later Rochester State Hospital Cemetery (Women on the left/North side, men on the right/South).

I hope one day Rosemont will be found...until then, it will remain Rochester's Lost Cemetery.


Believe it or not, this home is in Minnesota!

Hey Florida! This house in Minnesota would fit better in your state.

If you've ever been to Florida, you know that the weather is hot, the sun is bright, and there are palm trees everywhere. Well, there is a house in Minnesota that looks like Floria. According to, it was recently put on the market by Michael B Wasem Jr with Edina Realty, Inc. - Minnetonka/Hwy 7 for $550,000. It is a huge house and features 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and over 5,400 square feet. From the outside, it fits in Minnesota very well. The inside is a different story.