Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Two suspects are being sought for a carjacking/armed robbery that occurred late Friday night in the parking lot of a Rochester shopping center. Rochester police responded to the Hy-Vee Barlow’s complex around midnight after two 16-year-old boys reported the vehicle they were in and their personal property had been stolen.

A spokesman says the teenagers had driven to the shopping center to meet a 15-year-old friend, and moments after he climbed into the back seat of their vehicle they were approached by two men armed with handguns. The robbers ordered them to hand over their cell phones and wallets and then ordered them out of their vehicle, before they jumped in and sped away with the 15-year-old still in the backseat.

He was located by investigators on Saturday and police also found the stolen vehicle parked near the Government Center. A police spokesman noted the 15-year-old never called to report the carjacking and described his cooperation with investigators as “limited.”

The two victims told police both suspects were black males. One was about six feet tall, and was wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, a red hoodie, a red bandanna, and gray sweatpants. The second man as about 5 foot 8, and was wearing sweatpants and a dark hoodie.

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