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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A recommendation has been made to place a Rochester restaurant “on probation” due to a series of incidents that have led to numerous police responses.

The recommendation comes from the Rochester Police Dept. and City Clerk and is scheduled to be taken up by the City Council Monday.

Kim David/TSM

The specific request reads:

“Authorizing the city clerk to place the on-sale full intoxicating and special Sunday liquor licenses for Los Jarritos Restaurant Inc. DBA Los Jarritos Cafe on probation with 4 conditions as outlined in the attached Memorandum, effective immediately, through March 31, 2022.”

According to reports submitted to the council, “Between Nov. 1, 2020, and July 28, 2021, multiple incidents ranging from underage drinking to assault have occurred on or adjacent to the premises of Los Jarritos Café. These incidents have all resulted in 911 calls and Rochester Police Officers being dispatched to the scene.”

These violations include "multiple incidents of fighting on the premises, stabbing incidents, gunshots, numerous instances of disorderly conduct, and overserving of alcohol to patrons."

Rochester Police Dept.
Rochester Police Dept.

The restaurant is located at the Miracle Mile shopping center and obtained its liquor license last year. When it applied for the license, the owner submitted a business plan that read:

“ Staff will be trained to monitor intake by customers. This is a family-style restaurant. We want customers to come here for their dining desires. This is not a bar to get intoxicated.”

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