I'll never forget the phone call in February when my mom said the words, "I have breast cancer".  I was sitting at my desk at work when it happened and obviously was in shock.  The diagnosis was something that took her completely off guard.  It wasn't in her plan and she never thought she would hear those words herself, but thanks to a routine mammogram, it was caught early.

Personally, this past month has been rough. 🎙️ I might sound all smiley on the radio but I have had multiple days when I am on-air and have found out that a friend just passed away from a type of cancer, or another friend is in pain because they or someone they love is struggling with a cancer diagnosis.  Most of those have been breast cancer.  I'm running out of fingers to count and my heart is hurting for people that I love and care for deeply.  Fighting cancer in a normal year is tough.  Fighting it in the middle of a pandemic adds a whole new level of grit.

October is a month where we see a lot of pink ribbons and people raising funds to fight breast cancer and I so appreciate everyone's ambition.  What I wish we heard more of though were the stories and the reason why it is so important.  Have someone share what it is like to get a mammogram to those of us who are a bit on the fearful side to make an appointment.  What does it feel like to hear the words "cancer"...and how in the world do you move forward in life with that diagnosis?

As I was struggling with all of those questions myself, I learned about a nurse in Minnesota, Erika, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and was interviewed on the Today Show.  The whole series of how her story showed up in my newsfeed and that interview can be found here. 

What happened next though was a moment that I believe was meant to help women...maybe even you.

Erika reached out to me and after a few e-mails, she and I connected via Zoom.  We had a real-life conversation with our real-life kids next to us distance learning...and we just talked.  I asked her the questions that I had been wondering...for myself and for those I love...and for you.  Take a few minutes and watch the video below.

Now, think of the one person that you love so much, that it would be so painful to hear them say, "I have breast cancer".  That is the person you need to send this story to.  Text the link.  Share it on your Facebook page.  Do a video on Instagram or Tik Tok and tell the world...because the more people that hear about the need to get their mammograms, the better chance that breast cancer will be caught early.  Need more info on breast cancer?  Check out Susan G. Komen's website here.

❤️ Erika, great big virtual hug to you...for sharing your story, for being you, and using your gifts and talents to help those kids at the hospital each day.

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