The City of Preston has closed public access to all City facilities, starting on March 19th, due to the growing concerns over COVID-19.

According to a release from the City of Preston, City employees will limit contact with the public in accordance with social distancing protocols that both the Minnesota Department of Heathy and the CDC are recommending.

City employees will also continue to report to work and serve the community of Preston, and the social distancing protocols will help ensure that the City can continue to provide reliable emergency services, public utilities, and administrative services without interruption.

City employees are still available to the public through telephone and email. Utility balances can be checked and paid online or by calling utility office at 507-765-2491 and placing payments in the dropbox in front of City Hall. Other arrangements for utility payments can be made by calling the office. Planning and Zoning applications will continue to be processed and can be obtained by calling 507-765-2153. The Police Department can be reached during the business day by calling 507-765-2153 and other houses by calling the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office at 507-765-3874.

For any time-sensitive matters that must be conducted in person, you can call 507-765-2153 to make an appointment. City staff will do their best to accommodate your request.

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