I'm afraid, no make that terrified, of water. I don't swim, canoe or tube. But I love to be on the shore walking or sitting by water. I've found a new spot to enjoy being near water.

Pooler Park in Preston is receiving a make-over. I'm not sure of the logistics and complete plan of the Minnesota DNR facelift of the Root River by Pooler Park, but I have heard that a big part of the plan is to make the river more accessible to trout fishermen.

I went exploring tonight. Driving into the parking area, a dad and his three young children had also just arrived, fishing poles in hand. I spoke with him briefly, asking his thoughts. He wasn't sure how the reno would affect fishing but they would soon find out. Not five minutes after dropping their line, his young daughter announced "Dad, I've got one!", to which her brother squealed "fish on, fish on!" My heart smiled. 

The views of the river are spectacular. Before, you couldn't see the beauty because of the trees. Many, many trees have been removed. I never knew there was a picnic table in the parking area. This might become a new place for me to put on bug spray and take my book. So peaceful. 

My favorite picture? The building across the river with the American flag. I never saw that before but it's clearly seen now. I'm impressed with the project so far and as it continues, I'll take more photos of the progress. In the meantime, grab your pole and head to Pooler Park to fish. Oh, by the way, if you need bait, Curt is just down the street.

All photos: I. Edwards, TSM Rochester.

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