The Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Preston came away with the top ranking in the nation after a National Cemetery Compliance Review in July.

It is an incredible feat that saw the local veterans cemetery earn 91 out of a possible 93 points, and it only lost out on those two points because the cemetery is unable to set headstones in the winter, which is just a Minnesota problem.

Preston's veterans cemetery tied for the top spot of more than 100 state veterans cemeteries across the nation.

A Veteran's home is on the way as well, and with Preston becoming a Purple Heart City, it is proof that Preston has taken the initiative to become a big supporter of our veterans and everything they do for our communities.

It is just another incredible accomplishment for the local veterans cemetery that is a mere three years old.

The veteran's cemetery is open year-round to the public. You can see more on the cemetery HERE. 

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