The Jim Busta Band (with Mollie B) performed last night in the Spring Grove Fest Building on the first evening of Spring Grove Homecoming. Stating that the building was packed would have been an understatement! I chose to stand so I didn't accidentally take someone's spot!

I was told there were 400 chairs set up in there, and they were all mostly filled, and some had brought their own chairs with them. The sides were opened up to allow good air flow, with a couple fans adding relief.

And speaking of the people that were fans of the music, there were couples from Pennsylvania and from Anchorage, Alaska who were in attendance for the show!

So music, dancing, food, and some ice cream (some floats with Spring Grove pop), made for a fun night inside. Then, outside was the Ole and Lena Parade, with folks on Golf Carts and ATVs. Did you make it for the kickoff to Homecoming?

Luke is also going to be in Spring Grove this weekend. More information on the celebration can be found here.

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