The Fillmore County Unemployment rate is at its lowest since November of 2015, at 3 percent. For the month of April, Fillmore Counties sat at 3.6 percent, which was down 1.5 percent from the month of March.

According to the Minnesota Employment and Economic Development, Fillmore and Mower County have had unemployment rise 1 point compared to last year, while Houston was down 1 point compared to 2016.

On an annual basis, Fillmore County sat at 4.1 percent, Mower county at 3.2 percent and Houston County at 4.0 percent.

For the month of May in 2015, Fillmore County sat at 3.6 percent, Mower County at 3.1 percent and Houston County at 3.3 percent.

The unemployment rate from year to year has managed to stay between roughly 3 and 4 percent in Southeast Minnesota.

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