There has been some bad blood between Eagles fans and Vikings fans since the NFC Championship game a couple of weeks ago. Minnesota fans were not happy with the way they were welcomed to the City of Philadelphia.

Now, with the Eagles in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, a Philadelphia news station sent out an Eagles fan into the crowd at Mall of America and allowed Vikings fans to say WHATEVER they wanted to at this Eagles fan with no harm coming their way.

Turns out, Minnesota nice is real! Check out the video below:

Now, I am sure that the Eagles have their nice fans as well, and I am sure that some of these fans were playing it up for the camera, it happens. Yet, this is actually how people act in Minnesota. We see it first-hand every day. Now, to have a station from Philly come and show that to their own people is pretty incredible.

Sure there are Vikings fans that want the Eagles to lose, frankly, I couldn't care any less who wins, but again this video shows that Minnesota Nice is a real thing and Philly fans could learn some hospitality.

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