If you've heard howling outside your window at around 8 pm, you're not going crazy. There is a Facebook page with more than 500,000 followers that encourages people, wherever you may be, to go outside and howl at the moon.

Every night at 8pm in your time zone, take a minute to step outside and let out a cathartic howl! We'll post up daily themes that may or may not be very, very, very important. INVITE YOUR PEEPS! Let's see how many people the world over we can get to howl in one night! - creators of the Facebook page

What seemed kind of silly at first glance, has really turned quite inspirational with people sharing their stories and their reason for howling:

"I howl for my 83-year-old Mommom, who beat COVID-19. A week ago, she was sedated, on a ventilator, and her doctor nearly declared her dead. But somehow she fought hard and came back to us. She is now recovering at home with her doggies. So many people have been lost to this virus. I'm so grateful Mommom wasn't one of them. Stay home. Prevent the spread. Howl at the moon." - Sarah

"I howl for my 19-year-old daughter Elora that overcame a 20% chance of survival November 10th, 2018. 3rd & 4th degree burns to over 50% of her body. 5 graft surgeries, double amputation of thumbs, 5 weeks on life support, an additional 3 in ICU and 12 weeks inpatient rehabilitation! She is a TRUE WARRIOR!" - Diedra.

"Howl for my momma. She passed away today" - Shanna

"First Howl tonight with my new fiance Austin to celebrate our engagement" - Samantha.

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