Dining in outdoor igloos was SOOO last winter, so this year you need to check out the new Snow Globe dining experience at The Ridge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

How cool does this look?

The Ridge via Facebook
The Ridge via Facebook

When I saw that photo come across my Facebook news feed this morning, I automatically needed to know more...

Is it a cozy winter nap space?

Is it a dining space?

Where do I need to go to enjoy that beautiful view?

Well, here are all the answers you need to know;

It's the new Snowglobe dining experience being offered at The Ridge Hotel in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin which is described as;

enjoy wintry libations & apps while cuddled up amidst the glow and snow. The private Snow Globes are part stargazing observatory, part gondola carriage, part secluded conclave for making memories with friends and family.

Each Snow Globe can seat up to 8 people and has two separate heating units to make sure you stay warm and cozy during your meal. Dining reservations are booked for 90-minute time slots and will officially open for our dining pleasure on January 13, 2023. See fees and book your Snow Globe reservation now by clicking here.

One More Big Reason to Visit The Ridge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

In case you haven't put two and two together yet, The Ridge is located just minutes from where you can explore the ever-popular Ice Castles when they open in Lake Geneva. In fact, The Ridge's website says is "Home of the 2023 Ice Castles" and they have a TON of fun winter events planned that coincide with it. See the full event calendar and start planning your trip now at ridgelakegeneva.com!

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