As we celebrate National Fire Prevention Week, KFIL takes this time to honor area volunteer firefighters.  Thank you for dedicating your time and putting your lives at risk to serve our community.  You truly are our local heroes!  Here is a list of area fire department officers.  Many other members are not listed, but are certainly appreciated.  If you see any of these wonderful men and women, be sure to thank them for their service.

CANTON:  Chief: Randy Gossman.  Assistant Chief: Jim Davis.  Training Officer: Dan Gulbranson.  Treasurer/Secretary: Jason Magnuson.

CHATFIELD:  Chief: Keith Bradt.  Assistant Chiefs: Brian Burkholder and Ryan Priebe.  Training Officer:  Dan Jaquith.  Secretary: Luke Thieke.  Treasurer:  Tim Danielson.

PRESTON:  Chief:  Dave Keene.  Assistant Chief:  Josh Ristau.  Secretary:  Stuart Quanrud.

SPRING VALLEY:  Chief:  Troy Lange.  Assistant Chiefs:  Brian Danielson and Troy Harwood.  Lieutenant:  Chris Czapiewski.  Treasurer: John Fenske.  Secretary:  Rick Jahn.

HARMONY:  Chief:  Rod Johnson.  Assistant Chief:  Blaine Gatzke and Bill Hanlon.  Training Officer:   Dennis Solberg.  Secretary/Treasurer:  Randy Mayer.

MABEL:  Chief:  Tim Mengis.  Assistant Chief:  Brian Erickson and Kelly Sand.  Secretary/Treasurer:  Mark Weidemann.  Training Officer:  Steve Geving.

HOUSTON:    Chief:  Joe Krage.  Assistant Chief: Steve Skifton, Jay Wheaton, Richard Carr.

FOUNTAIN:  Chief: John Hanson.  Assistant Chief:  Elliot Riggott.  Secretary/second assistant chief: Wayne Thomas.  Training Officer:  Jason Wright.

WYKOFF:  Chief:  Wade Baker.  Assistant Chief:  Tim Austin and Jeremy Comstock.  Secretary:  Brody Mensink.  Training Officer:  Tim  Benike.

OSTRANDER:  Chief:  Brian Miner.  Assistant Chief:  Derek Grabau, Jon Lechner.  Training Officer and Assistant:  Tim Lecy and Jason Rice.  Secretary: Lucy Drinkall.

RUSHFORD:  Chief:  Paul Corcoran.  Assistant Chief:  James Dailey and Chad Rasmussen.  Secretary/treasurer:  Jeff O'Donnell.  Training Officer: Dennis Overland, Rich Smith.

LANESBORO:  Chief: Jerod Wagner.  Assistant Chief:  Creighton Horihan and Mike Willford.  Secretary: C J Peterson