For the second time in two years, the Minnesota State High School League opted to keep the shot clock out of high school basketball.

In a board of directors meeting held Monday morning and into the afternoon, the MSHSL opted to keep the shot clock off the table. According to John Millea, the board of directors had five votes in favor and 13 against.

Several different points were brought up from people around the state as to why the MSHSL decided against shot clocks. One, of course, is money. Do schools have enough funds to place shot clocks in each gymnasium? Training operators to run the shot clock and then pay them to operate? A shot clock is also another component for officials on the floor to watch for as the game goes on.

Yet, one point came to mind from Chris Goebel, via Twitter, of what could be the main reason why the board of directors decided against it.

It makes sense that the board would not pass anything to the magnitude of shot clocks until the region committees and ADs across the state are in favor of it.

Until then, the shot clock may be off the table in the state of Minnesota.

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