June is Dairy Month, and thanks to our friends at the Fillmore County American Dairy Association, you can win some ice cold malts!

It is pretty easy to win, all you have to do is listen to True Country 103.1 KFIL on Monday Mornings! It is called Monday Morning Malts! Listen for the cue to call, and be caller number seven! Caller seven will then win a family four-pack of delicious malts from the Fillmore County ADA that can be used at the Fillmore County Fair!

Seriously, these malts are the absolute best, and frankly, when it is super hot and muggy outside there is nothing better than an ice-cold malt to cool you off and help you enjoy your day. Also, they are freakin' delicious!

Here is how you win:

  • Tune your radio to 103.1-FM
  • Listen for the cue to call throughout the day on Monday Mornings.
  • When you hear it, grab your phone and call our station at 507-765-3344
  • Be caller number 7 and win!

Yes, it is really that simple! This is huge because you will have a chance to win EVERY MONDAY in JUNE!

A big Thank You goes to the Fillmore County ADA for helping us out! Now tune in to True Country 103.1 KFIL to win a Family Four-Pack of Malts!

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